8 Crazy McDonald’s Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

As a fast-food mogul, McDonald’s is always on the grapevine. Sometimes, it is hard to separate the rumors from the facts. Well, we are here to set you straight and also offer you some impressive facts that will shock you. Some you may have suspected and some you will have to reread to believe.

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Former owners of Chipotle

Seems ironic, right? But it is true. McDonald’s, a fast-food restaurant chain used to own a majority stake in Chipotle. For those who don’t know, Chipotle is a Mexican restaurant that is very conscious of the type of food that they offer its patrons.

The Shamrock Shake

You must dream at least once of this beloved McDonald’s menu item. It was hit some years back. But the contents of the Shamrock Shake will shock you. The drink is made entirely of corn syrup. The ice cream was made from corn syrup solids. The same goes for the shake syrup. Wonder why they didn’t simply name it the Corn Shake?

Diet meals?

It’s not a question but a fact. At times, McDonald’s has been accused of offering unhealthy meals but that is not the case. Each meal goes through a rigorous process of selection, ensuring that patrons receive basic nutritional benefits.

McDonald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump loves Mcdonald’s, in particular the Double Quarter Pounder. During his stay at the White House, the chefs were asked to create the burger regularly.

Lose weight with the Happy Meal

This is based on a research study documented in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. And yes, Happy Meals are typically kids’ menu items. But according to the study, people are bound to eat less when they are offered a half-portion and a reward, in this case, a toy.

Limited edition MacCoins

Do you know that McDonald’s has been in operation for more than 50 years? To celebrate their anniversary in 2018, the fast-food restaurant designed and gave MacCoins to their patrons when they purchased a Big Mac. If you have one now, you can trade it in for another one.

The truth in McRib

McRib is a popular menu item packed with a sweet and salty flavor that will make you order another. Though shaped in a rib-like fashion, the pork has no rib. McDonald’s makes use of a mold to shape the meat and later on lather it with sauce and other condiments.

Different special sauces

Companies hold dear their recipes to secret sauces and drinks. You would expect that McDonald’s special sauce to have the same formula since its inception. However, that is not the case. McDonald first tweaked the sauce in 1991, experimenting with new ingredients. It was reverted to the original form in 2004. Did you notice the difference? Very few ever have.