Calendar vs. To-Do List: Which One Do You Prefer?

Time plays such a critical role in our lives. But even though that is the case, time is one of the scarcest resources available to us. Entrepreneurs and business owners can attest to the truth behind this statement. Management of time and incorporation of tasks become a priority for most, if not all. When it comes to time management tools, the calendar and the to-do list are two of the most common solutions that have been used since time immemorial. While an automated appointment reminder system can be synced with your calendar, could it be that a to-do list is the preferred option by most?

The advantages of using the calendar

The calendar separates your time into several units to which you are used to. Ever since our kindergarten and Montessori days, the issue of dates and days has been hammered into us. People find it easier to use the calendar than the to-do list. The to-do list focuses on prioritizing tasks that might need professionals to enroll in classes and management schools to change their perspective on things. By focusing on particular units of a day, a calendar can be a very effective tool of time management for any medical practice.

One of the other advantages of using the calendar is the time constraint that it imposes on you. With the tasks that are scheduled for the day, a medical practitioner will strive to ensure that they can deliver within those 24 hours of the day. However, not all activities or tasks should be placed on your calendar. It is encouraged that you put only high-value activities that need no interruptions and would consume much of your day.

Using the to-do list

This management tool is perfect for putting down information that is being received in bulk. This information dump could be from a client or from an email that contains critical information about a client’s health. To-do lists will help you remember the information better, and also it will allow you to make actionable goals that you can work on later.

Prioritization of activities is one of the key advantages of using a to-do list. The actions can be prioritized easily, and either delegated to other parties if they are too low in the pecking order.

Which is the better alternative?

The argument between these two time management tools is close. The solution to this question lies in the specific circumstances. Depending on the environment, a to-do list could be a better option for you, while a calendar could be the solution to your time management issues.

One piece of advice we can offer, if you are always feeling overwhelmed with the tasks on your plate, we would recommend going with a calendar.

The two management tools can also be used side by side to provide customized service. Try each to determine their compatibility with your character and personality.