What is GTD task management?

Whether you are a student or a manager at a hedge fund with a corner office, one finds themselves with too much information upstairs. It is a common phenomenon across many adults. You need to be juggling ideas and rushing from one meeting to one another. When you add the stress and pressure from other parties such as your boss and colleagues, the processing and storage of the information in your head get’s even worse. So, how do you plan for the many activities that are happening in your life? This article seeks to answer that all-important question by suggesting the GTD task management principle. Take out your pen and take the following down. A simple overview… Read more “What is GTD task management?”

What Do Medical Billers Do?

Medical billers serve as intermediaries between healthcare providers, patients and insurance companies for payment of medical services. They are parts of the healthcare industry revenue cycle management (RCM) team. Becoming a medical biller doesn’t require a 4-year college degree. Within a year, you can finish a medical billing course at an accredited school, and write examinations by the National Healthcare Association (NHA) or American Health Information Medical Association (AHIMA). The US Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that the median annual wage of a billing clerk is $36, 150. Combining healthcare services with medical billing services is tedious for health professionals. Therefore, in recent times, many healthcare providers outsource medical billing services to a third party company known as medical billing company. This approach makes it possible for a provider to focus on their main duties – giving quality treatment to patients. A good example of medical billing services outsourced to a third party company is the chiropractic billing services. Examples of these companies are ‘5 stars Billing Services, Inc.’ and ‘Olympic Chiropractic Billing’. To perform optimally at work as a medical biller, you must be able to pay attention to details, be familiar with medical codes, have good computer… Read more “What Do Medical Billers Do?”

Why an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) Could Be the Best Thing for Your Real Estate Business?

In today’s real estate business world, it is very important to have a clear plan and strategy on how to go about and make your real estate business grow. With the growth comes another specific task that sometimes even your customer support team will need assistance with. During these times when your business reaches its’ full potential, there will come a time that your team will tend to be behind schedule on following up on customers, acquisition leads, and even closing out sales deals. An experienced Inside Sales Agent or ISA will really come in handy and might prove to be a valuable asset to your company. In this article, we will elaborate on the importance of having a well-experienced ISA in your corner and other related information that will be helpful in your ISA real estate combination for your business. What is an Inside Sales Agent (ISA)? An Inside Sales Agent (ISA) can also be known as a Telemarketer, of which they are traditionally referred to. The responsibility of an ISA, in general, is to service inbound calls, leads that are needed to have prospected and then converting these leads into appointments for the team’s sales agents to follow… Read more “Why an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) Could Be the Best Thing for Your Real Estate Business?”