How You Can Make Money on Twitch Without Streaming

With over 2 million people watching a game being played online by video gamers, you can reach a good percentage of your audience on Twitch. Alternatively, there are a variety of ways you can make money online streaming on Twitch.

There are several platforms such as Streamupgrade service that allow streamers to access better services online. You do not have to earn directly from Twitch unless you are a gamer. However, the following ways could earn you some good money.

Earn from subscribers

Subscribers are often willing to pay a good amount of money to watch their favorite gamers play. Did you know you can earn 50% from the subscriber fees while Twitch collects the rest? You can always have a Twitch account and invite gamers to participate in the game. Meanwhile, you can earn from their subscription fee.

The more subscribers you have, the more you are likely to earn from the account. If you run a Prime Twitch account, then you will earn more compared to a normal account.

Affiliate links

Like any other social media platform, you can share affiliate links where in turn you can earn from them. So, how do affiliate links work? You reach out to a company selling products online and ask to be part of them. A unique link will be generated that users can use to be redirected to the online shop. When a user uses your link to purchase a product, they are given a discount on an item, and you earn from the purchase in return.

Most affiliate links encourage the purchase of relatable products such as gaming computers, gaming pads, gaming chairs, headphones among other products. Note that the affiliate links do not have to be limited to gaming products only.

Earn from ads

Did you know Twitch makes most of its income from ads? It is possible to earn some money from ads. This ranges from $0.0002 to $0.01 per view of an ad. You have to be a Twitch partner to earn from Twitch, however.

The more viewers that watch ads, the more you earn. Ads are not as effective when it comes to earning from Twitch, as people do not like destruction when watching a live game. To stand out, pick ads that capture the attention of the viewers.

Brand partnerships

You can partner with a brand and earn some money from it. In the comment section of the game, take advantage of numerous viewers and advertise a brand. You can get potential buyers from the same and earn some good commission.

You however need a large audience for a brand to allow partnership with you. This is because no brand would like to invest where they are sure there is no or minimal audience.


Often, you will find people who put up their PayPal or Petron accounts asking for donations after sharing an interesting game. You simply earn by referring people to an appealing online game.

If most people find your links worth tipping, you will probably earn a good amount in a short while.