Is it normal to forget where you parked your car?

It happened with you last year in the parking Orlando airport. You received your wife arriving from a month-long work assignment. You were truly happy meeting her after a long time. All this changed by the time you reached the parking lot. After spending five minutes of searching, you realized that you forgot where you parked your car.

Should you be worried? It is normal for all of us to get forgetful at times. Sometimes, You might be forgetting the names of the people you recently met. It may also happen that you entered the room but forgot what you came in for.

Do not get worried if: – You can’t remember the food you ate last night for dinner – You forget your plans for the weekend All of us forget things in our day to day life due to the fact that we were actually not concentrating enough

Do get worried if: – Every time you park your car and you forget where you parked it. – Sometimes forget the familiar route that you take every day. Frequently taken routes are supposed to be in our memory at a deep level.

Should you admit? You may be telling your friends and family that you forget often. It is ok for the brain to function at 95% efficiency as it is hardly noticeable. However, if people have started pointing out to you that you forget way too often, it is indeed a time for you to take some action. If you did not concentrate when you were being told, the brain will not have absorbed and saved the details in a proper way. This is quite frequent from middle age and upwards due to hippocampus—the distribution center of the brain for new information entries—produces cells relatively slowly.

Coming back to the matter of forgetting where you parked your car: You have, at times, forgotten where you parked your car. It could be that your spatial memory is getting weak—it means different from person to another, with women typically having bad spatial memories. You can do better if you try to concentrate.

Final Word

Let’s admit. We have all been there, done that. There is no need to be alarmed if it happened out of blue. Being a bit conscious about it will help you avoid repeating it.