KFC Nutrition Facts: What to Order & Avoid

Would you like to get information on what to order or what to avoid from KFC? KFC is one of the most famous fast-food-serving spots in the world. KFC’s menu consists of chicken and includes side dishes, sandwiches, and desserts from over 21,000 locations all over the globe. They try to satisfy their clients and regularly hold mykfcexperience surveys to ensure their customers are happy with their services.

Most of the KFC’s menus are usually served in a family-style, making diet control difficult. Avoid KFC dinners, combinations, and bucket stuff unless you’re shopping for a party. Most dishes in the restaurant cost less than $10. Many KFC recipes are rich in calories, saturated and unsaturated fats, and salt content, but many meals can be reasonably enjoyed with just a few alternatives or the addition of vegetables.          

Most Nutritious Option

If you are looking for a Nutritious option for the pure meal at KFC, choose grilled hot wings. It provides 70 calories per chicken wing, thanks to its nutritious cooking method.

Original Recipe Chicken

It delivers spices and remains a secret that has been kept tightly since the company was founded. You can order various pieces of roasted chicken for dinner. Other menu options are sandwiches, vegetables, etc.

Extra Crispy Chicken

The double bread version is a crispy and flaky version of KFC’s original recipe. Extra crispy chicken, rich in butter and bread crumbs, has higher calorie content than the other recipes.

Pot Pies & Bowls

Pot pies are traditional chicken dishes, and KFC incorporates these dishes. These options belong to some greater calorie dishes of KFC’s menu.


Another popular KFC menu item is the delicious sandwich, which is not the healthiest option but is quick and easy to access. KFC’s sandwich selection has higher carbohydrate levels on the menu because bread has already been added to the bread and fried chicken.


Desserts are perfect within this chain. Although KFC only has a few varieties of desserts in its classical menu, biscuits, and cakes. These choices are high in calories, lipids, and carbohydrates.


Mostly KFC menus do not have gluten. However, some sweet dishes and main dishes contain gluten.

The KFC menu items that may be acceptable for a gluten-free diet are:

– Cole Throw and fresh Beans

– Sweet Kernel Cone and Spike Cone

– Mash Potato and Potato special Salad

– Children’s Menu Apple Sauce


– Cole Throw

– Biscuit

– Biscuit, Cake, and other salad items

– Mac and cheese

– Mash potato


Low fat

– chicken wings

– Butter free spikelet corn, barbecue roasted beans, sweet grain corn

– Wings and grilled chicken drum sticks

– House salad or Caesar salad without dressing or toppings

– Honey sauce, summer barbecue sauce, lemon juice, sweet and spicy sauce