5 Stores Offering Senior Shopping Hours

In recent years, shopping stores have dedicated time specifically for seniors. Many brand names now offer senior shopping hours” in which the stores cater to older customers. These stores will have a reduced emphasis on fast fashion and offer more comfortable shopping that doesn’t require you to walk quickly or try on clothes in cramped spaces. Usually, these stores will turn the music down, have less bright lighting, and offer seating areas where you can relax between trying on items. Senior shopping hours often also give special benefits to encourage this age group to shop there. Below are 5 stores offering senior shopping hours: Dillard’s Dillard’s offers convenience and comfort to all of its customers. The store offers several services that make it easy to shop no matter your age or ability. For example, there are wide aisles that are easy to navigate in a wheelchair or walker, and there are elevators and escalators for customers who are unable to climb stairs, just as Trader Joe’s senior hours in Seattle. Many fitting rooms are accessible to individuals who require wheelchair access or have a disability. Kohl’s Kohl’s stores have been offering senior shopping hours since 1999. They are open… Read more “5 Stores Offering Senior Shopping Hours”