The 5 Best Offshore Merchant Account Providers

Managing a business financing can be a bit hectic, especially if you run the business single handily. Now, if someone would have it rough handling a local business, imagine the hustle they go through handling an offshore or international business.

You need very reliable services that will give you an easy time whether it is your first time or not. You also need a good company that will ensure your business runs smoothly, and your clients have a successful payment plan.

So, which merchant processing services are most suitable for your offshore businesses? We will highlight some of the best merchant processing providers that you can use for your business.

Payment cloud

Connected to more than 10 banking relationships, you can be sure most of your clients will have an easy time making payments to you. Also, due to the difference in currencies in different places, Payment Cloud offers a flexible service fee charge, and they have a summarized sample on their website.

This merchant service provider is also known for its full customer support. Should you have concerns about how things are done, you can easily reach out.

Host merchant services

Suitable for low-risk businesses where they show a well-outlined interchange rate and different pricing plans. Businesses that run different products and operations under one roof are also covered by these service providers.

With its advanced technology, they offer terminals for businesses that operate on a variety of POS (Point of Sale) machines, whether digital or analog gadgets. If your company runs on third-party gateways, they got you covered.

Host Merchant Services is also well secured, especially the backend, which most unethical hackers target for offshore accounts. So, if you need to protect the information of those who transact with you, go for them.

Paynet Secure

Paynet Secure offers global methods that are acceptable and displays payment sample rates on their website. If you run a high-risk business, Paynet Secure got you, it works with UnionPay which is the largest card brand in the world. You do not have to worry about being listed in high-risk businesses, hence paying extra expenses.

You can easily promote your business in any part of the world.


It is not easy for an account to be easily accepted, especially if you run a high-risk business. However, with eMerchantBroker, chances of being accepted are 95% unless your documents are not straightforward or your business runs very high-risk business deals.

Most clients give this merchant service provider good feedback, so it is most likely what you need in your business.


If you need to purchase a terminal for your offshore business instead of renting it, this is your ultimate solution. This however means the business owner is fully in charge of all costs and response in case you are stuck can take a while to be resolved.

Pricing is not openly displayed, and sellers are required to make contracts that range from 3 years to monthly contracts. Businesses that run risky errands benefit the most from this feature, as they are covered within the period of the contract.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned companies are the best when operating an offshore business. Reach out and learn how to register under any of them.