What does inactive military status mean?

There are several categories of military service in the United States Army. There are those in active duty, whereas others are in reserve. Inactive, also known as reserve military status, means that the serviceman, currently, is not in active duty. Various branches of service in the army have servicemen in reserve who are one-call away when the need arises to serve. In this article, we will look into depth the meaning of an inactive serviceman.

The Privacy Act

According to https://www.faa.gov the law act 11190 and 9397 govern the privacy act in military service. Servicemen use the social security account number as their identity. The privacy act highlights your military service status report, hence a serviceman should submit any changes on their reserve status. Failure to submit this report to your military service section can greatly affect your reserve status.

What is Inactive Military Status?

An inactive military serviceman is part of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR), also referred to as inactive reserves. Servicemen who are members of IRR do not take part in any military activity, hence they do not receive any form of payment, training, drills, and other benefits enjoyed by active military servicemen. There are multiple factors that lead to a serviceman becoming inactive in the military. Factors such as completion of service time, disablement, retirement, etc.

Inactive Military Status Categories

The ready reserve members have commitments to a particular service unit. Members of the Individual Ready Reserve fall under this category. Members of the IRR serve for an eight-year period, having specified time spent on active duty. The IRR option involves payment. Note that ready reserve members are inactive, but are called upon to active duty when needed by their service unit. Standby reserve consists of servicemen who were former ready reserve members. These servicemen can participate in voluntary training, but with no payment. According to law, members in this category cannot take part in any military activities but enjoy the benefit of training with other reserve program members.

A retired military serviceman is one who completed his service period. These servicemen do not receive payment but enjoy various retirement benefits. However, in case of emergency, the state can recall these servicemen to active duty. Retired reserve members are servicemen who experience a status change while still part of another reserve program. Servicemen who might change to become warrant officers or enlisted persons lie under this category. Note that they do not receive any retirement pay since they are not officially retired.

Choosing Inactive Military Status

A serviceman can become an inactive military by choice or due to the circumstance. It is crucial when shaping your military career to carefully select between active duty and reservists. Note that having an inactive military, you will only enjoy the benefits of an active serviceman when called upon for active duty. Nonetheless, you can pursue your civilian goals as a reservist.

In conclusion, inactive military status means that you do not practice any form of military activity. Check out www.calstate.edu and have a look at the classification of various military statuses. Moreover, in every army service-unit, there is a group of servicemen having inactive military status. The state calls upon these servicemen to assist in service during emergencies.

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