What is the meaning of EOR?

Short for Exporter of Record, the EOR plays a significant role when it comes to ensuring compliance to rules and regulations when it comes to international shipments. In this age of trafficking and terrorism, international trade compliance has been tightened a couple of notches. Goods leaving and entering a country must be appropriately described and assessed in terms of value and must also conform to local, state, and federal import and export requirements, failure to which said goods will not leave or enter a port or harbor. IOR Africa Services has been in the international import/export trade business for several years. We offer exceptional and efficient services to our clients who come from all over the world. Our expert knowledge of international trade laws makes us an essential service. Based on the size and type of export operation, we can be able to advise you appropriately. You can contact us either via mail or phone call. If you want to avoid undue penalties or delays on your next shipment, IOR Africa is the company you want to contact. What is an exporter of record?… Read more “What is the meaning of EOR?”

What is ADA accessibility?

This question and other related ones are becoming more common ever since the Department of Justice released certain guidelines in 2010. ADA, in most cases, was considered from a perspective of physical businesses and properties. However, the release of the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design changed all that. Companies are now required to maintain their sites in a manner that allows disabled people to easily use and access them. Is your company website ADA accessible? Check using this link and avoid possible litigation by malicious parties who want to make a quick buck off you. ADA accessibility… Read more “What is ADA accessibility?”

Which Brands Have the Best Social Media Marketing?

Social media plays an important role in the marketing of brands and companies. Many top brands are using social media brand to market their products because it is the fastest and cheapest way of marketing. With the help of social media, the interaction with your customers becomes extremely effective and efficient. If social media marketing is done appropriately, it will help you in increasing your reach, traffic on the website, and increased customers. Any brand nowadays that is not including social media marketing in their strategy is wasting this opportunity because now, the world is going digital. Instead of watching television or reading newspapers, people prefer social media platforms to interact with different brands. People are also showing great interest in buying things online as it is more convenient for them.… Read more “Which Brands Have the Best Social Media Marketing?”

What is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)?

In the modern world, businesses are now required to become more and more adept at technology. Technological changes have influenced both personal and professional lives and have forced companies to adjust accordingly. In a normal company’s scenario, now the CTO has become a more important figure than ever. CTO is an acronym for Chief Technology Officer and actually has a very straightforward meaning that will be discussed later on. This article will act as the complete and ultimate guide to who a Chief Technology Officer actually is and what responsibilities does he or she have. What does CTO mean?… Read more “What is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)?”

5 Deodorant Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

When it comes to hygiene, beauty, and cosmetics, there are a plethora of articles on what you need to do. And everyone seems to read those articles. Well, today we are doing this a little bit differently. We are focusing on the things you need to stop doing. Knowing two sides of the same coin is very important especially when it concerns keeping that body odor away. Once you are done reading this article, you will know all the actions to avoid and also how to smell nice for longer periods of the day. For more information on deodorants and also to get the right type of deodorant for you, visit AKT London. They are a market leader in the beauty industry and have a wide variety of deodorants, antiperspirants, and other cosmetics for sale.… Read more “5 Deodorant Mistakes You Need to Stop Making”

What is GTD task management?

Whether you are a student or a manager at a hedge fund with a corner office, one finds themselves with too much information upstairs. It is a common phenomenon across many adults. You need to be juggling ideas and rushing from one meeting to one another. When you add the stress and pressure from other parties such as your boss and colleagues, the processing and storage of the information in your head get’s even worse. So, how do you plan for the many activities that are happening in your life? This article seeks to answer that all-important question by suggesting the GTD task management principle. Take out your pen and take the following down. A simple overview… Read more “What is GTD task management?”

What Should a Cookie Policy Include?

The internet has certainly evolved a lot of things. Not only has it impacted many people’s daily lives in a unique way possible, but it also has enabled people to stay connected. However, with the internet, there have been many complaints of website users and owners getting access to private information that should not be allowed in the first place. But this must be noted that nothing of sorts is done without the consent of the user. Whether or not the user chooses to acknowledge this fact or ignore it, that is another story on its own. Things like privacy and cookie policies allow users to access all the information required for them to understand what goes on behind the scenes whilst surfing the internet. What is a cookie? A cookie is a chunk of important data that is very small in size but is very significant since it can track, store, and share important information. A cookie can be considered as one of the basic building blocks of the internet. Cookies have access to data that basically allows websites to absorb other important information and retain it in the long run, so the website is fully aware of some… Read more “What Should a Cookie Policy Include?”

Physical Therapy and Pain

It is often seen and noticed that the human body gets worn out very quickly. Now there can be a number of obvious and slightly complicated medical reasons for this. However, usually, the case is very straightforward and simple. Physical body pain and burning out of the body usually occur due to the fact that we spend a lot of time either at work or in the traffic trying to reach home on time. All of this hectic routine leads to body fatigue. Even New Jersey Devils’ athletes are recommended to regularly visit sports physical therapy in New Jersey that is why a regular person should be more conscious about their health too.  Body fatigue makes the person lazy, and also the person starts to experience body pains as well as mental fatigue. Sometimes these body pains can go away with a matter of time, but usually, these pains are there to stay, unless of course they are taken care of very quickly. Fatigue and body pain can also be a result of some sort of injury that might have occurred due to an accident. Sports athletes usually face the common issue of body fatigue and body pains because of… Read more “Physical Therapy and Pain”

How can I access CBD Oil?

One of the trends of the global market today is the rise and rise of the self-care products’ demands. Without a doubt, the self-care products are much more prominent and high in demand then they were previously. This is primarily due to the fact that the people in general, have understood the importance of their own health and have now also started to understand the fact that nothing is more important and crucial than a healthy lifestyle. So the world has indeed started to see a rise in the sales of nutrition, healthcare, self-care, and lifestyle products that help the user look and feel good. Looking and feeling good is very important because of the fact that these feelings instill confidence and also allows the users to become much more productive and proactive in general. All in all, self-care promotes a healthy lifestyle to the maximum which enables better performance at work and also allows you to mentally and physically relax for longer periods during your off-time at home or also on vacations. Complying to this increase in demand, the healthcare and nutrition companies have started to extend their product lines to an extent that they do not miss out… Read more “How can I access CBD Oil?”

How do you implement HIPAA Compliance?

Privacy is one of the most important things today that needs to be respected at all costs. Businesses, especially, need to be extra careful when handling the records of their clients and customers because it may contain private and sensitive information that should not be accessible to anyone else. However, over the past few years, there have been multiple cases of security breaches and invasion of privacy that have resulted in multiple legal cases that have resulted ultimately in defamatory charges as well as companies being charged heavily. Companies that deal with medical records especially need to be very careful primarily because the patient’s records and statistics must be accessible only to a limited number of people and should not end up in the wrong hands or it could lead to unbearable circumstances for both the company and the medical caretaker. To protect both the patient as well as the doctor from facing any such incident, companies usually opt for HIPAA compliance that is basically an act that protects any breach of private or sensitive information or personal records, etc. For more information regarding the implementation of HIPAA compliance, use the following source link https://www.providertech.com/hipaa-compliant-texting. HIPAA is basically an… Read more “How do you implement HIPAA Compliance?”