How to Choose Ceramic Coating of High Quality

In today’s time, there are several options out there that will help you choose the best quality ceramic coating. However, all the alternatives are extremely similar and even confusable due to lots of competition. But the fact is, not all ceramic protection coatings are the same.

The industry works in a way that some companies release their best products. After a few weeks, other companies reveal almost the same products too. But the point is, not everything is perfect in the market.

So, how to select the perfect and most effective coating for your car?

This process is time taking. You can’t just select any coating without research. A cheap coating can harm your car and damage its original paint. Hence, the best advice is to choose the best coating available because if ceramic coat users’ reviews are mostly negative, it becomes obvious the coating is not done correctly, and as a result, the entire process will have to be repeated.

Choosing the 9H ceramic coating

There is this test known as the pencil hardness test, in which you can see the quality of the material. Pencils are used to scratch the surface, which is freshly coated. If the surface is scratched with a certain pencil, it means that the hardness is equal to that of the pencil. The maximum ceramic coating number is 9H. For hard surfaces, an agent known as a flex agent is used to cover the body of the car.

The coating’s hardness

Checking how hard the paint is doesn’t even matter much, as this is usually considered. People assume that the hardness of the coating will make the car resistant to scratches. However, if a surface is smooth and slick, it will not collect scratches as much as a hard surface would. Moreover, you should also confirm the number of years a particular coating will survive. This means that the coating you select should be cost-effective. If it’s not, then what’s the use of getting the car painted repeatedly and collecting layers of paint on it? Also, cleaning the car and washing it daily, and scrubbing it will damage your vehicle. In less than 5 years, you’ll be able to see major scratches on your car.

In addition, it’s not a piece of cake to find all the scratches and remove them by using a corrector. For this, car wax is best as it covers the entire body. So, the glossy finish makes it harder to notice scratches, even when they are there. It’s just a matter of difference in lighting. Therefore, your complete panel will have to be redone if you want to fix all the scratches properly by using a coating of ceramic on your car. And in case you opt for this step, pay attention to ceramic coating for cars by Suma Performance or some other similar experts in the paint field.

Now people are more concerned with the marketing strategies than the quality of the car coating. That’s what is most common. So, when you select a ceramic coating producer, make sure they’re well known for their results and honesty.