Why an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) Could Be the Best Thing for Your Real Estate Business?

In today’s real estate business world, it is very important to have a clear plan and strategy on how to go about and make your real estate business grow. With the growth comes another specific task that sometimes even your customer support team will need assistance with. During these times when your business reaches its’ full potential, there will come a time that your team will tend to be behind schedule on following up on customers, acquisition leads, and even closing out sales deals. An experienced Inside Sales Agent or ISA will really come in handy and might prove to be a valuable asset to your company. In this article, we will elaborate on the importance of having a well-experienced ISA in your corner and other related information that will be helpful in your ISA real estate combination for your business.

What is an Inside Sales Agent (ISA)?

An Inside Sales Agent (ISA) can also be known as a Telemarketer, of which they are traditionally referred to. The responsibility of an ISA, in general, is to service inbound calls, leads that are needed to have prospected and then converting these leads into appointments for the team’s sales agents to follow up and close the deal. Unfortunately, the real estate business world is still adamant in realizing the importance of an ISA in a business structure. But recently, more and more companies are learning that hiring an ISA in real estate will be generally tactical and very rewarding in terms of getting more deals closed. The upward trend in your real estate business will depend on how your ISA will handle the demanding task required.

A highly-skilled ISA should have complete knowledge of the task that goes along with the job description. Should also be flexible with the demanding role of following up with business prospects and show any sign of hesitation or doubt.

ISA’s are generally categorized by the roles that they perform:

  • Inbound ISA – they usually respond to incoming leads from internet sources and sign calls. They also maintain close contact with leads from time to time to nurture them into becoming qualified appointments.
  • Outbound ISA – they are the ones who are prospecting for sale by owners’ or FSBO’s. Their job also includes checking for expired listings, just listed or sold, the center of influence (COI), including past clients and geographic farms.
  • Both incoming and outgoing – performing both incoming and outgoing can be very challenging as each task is very different from each other. The person doing this task will have to be very multi-tasking and must be able to cope with the workload that comes with doing both.

An ISA’s job description usually entails that the daily work is comprised of prospecting of new clients. Scheduling appointments for listings and buyer specialists is another part of their job. In the end, ISA’s need to make sure that in conducting follow-ups that may also need nurturing of leads that will lead to appointments.

ISA’s should possess the following traits and skills in order to perform their task efficiently;

– Efficient communication skills both in written and verbal form with colleagues, superiors, clients and even vendors.

– Multi-tasking and effectively skillful in time management.

– Well organized and pays great attention to details

– Computer and internet savvy.

– Should have a confident sound on the telephone.

Why an ISA is essential to your business?

Hiring an ISA ensures that you and your team will be able to focus on day-to-day jobs and other tasks like drafting contracts for your clients. Dedicated personnel, who is generating and converting leads in the office, while the rest of the business is being taken care of them by the other members of your team.

The only issue with hiring an ISA is that there will be additional expenses that are allotted for the salary and commission. Although, with the continued growth of your real estate business, the return of investment for hiring an ISA will be really quick and you will probably have more than three times income generated with an ISA in your structure comparing to the expenses that have occurred.

Generally speaking, an ISA will be an asset to your real estate business if given the correct training and proper motivation to always keep them hungry and very much result-oriented.