How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Whether your bathroom is just too small or you’re looking to spruce up the space, making the most of the available space is key. Whether you have a small bathroom, a large bathroom, or somewhere in between, you can change the layout, lighting, and storage to create a spa-like atmosphere with minimal effort. Check the dimensions of your bathroom, and if you can, paint a mental picture of how you’d like it to look.

Think about the layout, and make sure you have enough room for everything you need. A large bathtub, a large shower, dampfdusche, and other fixtures will all add to the size of the space. Before you start making changes, you’ll want to know what’s already there. Check out our list of clever ideas for repurposing small bathrooms, to get an idea of what you can do to create more space.

Install shelves

Installing shelves is a great way to add extra storage space to a small bathroom. You can use them to hang towels, toiletries, or any other items you use regularly.

An additional benefit of shelves is that they can be used to create a more visually appealing space. Some people use a shelf as a bench or vanity area, or to create a stylish focal point in the bathroom.

Add lighting

Another easy way to add more storage space and create a more visually appealing space is with lighting. Whether you use traditional or modern fixtures, lighting can help create a more attractive space and can be a great way to organize your space.

Another way to use lighting to your advantage is with a reading nook. Building a small nook in your bathroom adds a bit of privacy and can help you relax. You can use a bathroom shelf, cabinet, or even a closet door to create a reading nook, or you can install shelves to add storage.

Open up the space

An extra-long shower curtain or a large window can add a great sense of space to a small bathroom. White subway tiles provide clean, minimalist lines, and they can help you open up the space, too. Another easy way to open up the space is to use pendants or lights on a track.

Track lighting gives you the option to turn lights on and off from across the room, so you can create a more relaxed atmosphere. You can also add plants to add greenery to the space or hang a small shower curtain to create a curtain-like effect.

Add a big bathtub

While it may not be practical for every bathroom, a bathtub can help create an oasis-like feel in a smaller space. Bathtubs can be used as both a shower and a bath, and are great options for people who have limited mobility or who want to save water. There are some ways to create a larger space in a small bathroom.

Add a large claw foot tub, a large shower, and other elements that will add to the size of the space. A bathtub is a great option for creating a more spa-like atmosphere, especially in a small space.


Depending on your lifestyle, you may find yourself in a small bathroom from time to time. While it’s important to bear in mind the space you have, it’s also important to make the most of your available space. It’s important to check the dimensions of your bathroom, to make sure it’s big enough for the fixtures you want to install.